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FIRST IMPORT REVIEW: Final Fantasy II (Famicom)
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Post FIRST IMPORT REVIEW: Final Fantasy II (Famicom)
Title: Final Fantasy II

System: Family Computer

Release date: December 1988

Programmed by NASIR

Short description: The black sheep of the FF series has been remade a few times, and in those remakes it puts in the things the FF series has always been known for to make the game easier, but what about the original? Find out now!

The plot:
Being the first ever Final Fantasy game with a detailed plot, here it goes: An evil empire is planning on taking over the world, and after the main characters' families get killed by the empire, they escape from Phin, their hometown, to Altea, a rebel camp. However, their escape is not over as they are ambushed by Dark knights, brutally attacking the party and leaving them for dead. Firion, the leader, wakes up in Altea and finds that his two best friends (Maria, and Guy), have Survived, but Leon is missing... It's up to YOU to find him and to stop the Emperor!

The good:

Battle system- Some people hate this system, but I love it. There is no experience in this game, and the only way to gain HP, Strength, Soul, IQ, MP, Defense, ETC is to use your skills to self-teach yourself. If I was in a battle with a goblin, for example, I could use my sword to kill him to gain strength and Soul, OR I could use a magic strategy and gain IQ and MP. How do you gain more HP and Defense? You have to take hits. Considering how the enemies may not do the most damage, you have to hit yourself to gain those skills faster. Just don't die.

Character variety- Want Maria to ditch her bow and punch enemies instead? You can go ahead. Want Firion to remove his sword and shoot a bow? Go ahead. Want Guy to use a magic cane instead of his axe? Go ahead. The best part of this game is the fact that you can customize your character's weapon levels to whatever you like, making it a little more fun to replay the game and try out different character parings. Kinda like Final Fantasy V. For fun, max out all of the weapon levels for each character! You can also level up your spells, too.

Huge overworld- As in every FF game, there is a big overworld with lots of variety, in this game you will many areas, like:

-A snow cave
-A magic tower containing the ultimate magic, Ultima!
-A empty desert
-An ancient castle home to a race known as the Dragoons
-And many more fun places!

FF trademarks- This game introduced many fun factors of FF, which have returned in other games like FFVII and FFXIII! These include:

-Boss music
-More interactive shops (In the first game the whole thing was a menu, you can walk inside in this one)
-And much more!

The bad:

Misplaced enemies: This is a little bad part of the game. Walk too far north of where you are supposed to go? BAM! Rank 6 enemies at the beginning of the game. This may sound like a fun challenge, but it's not. You can't even hit an enemy until you level up a lot, which means you are screwed if you encounter a Green Ogre in a battle without the proper skills

Difficulty spike: You know Gigas, those annoying enemies that can knock you out cold? How about meeting TWO of them at once in a cave that takes place after an area with rank 4 monsters? In some parts of the game if you rush too much, you can get completely beaten if you enter a new area. At least you can hit these enemies, though.


In overall, this is a very good game, much better than the first FF, but not as good as VI or VII. It does have an addicting aspect to it, though, and that's what will let me give the famicom version a 7.5 out of 10.

Note: This is also available for purchase on the following platforms:
GBA (Bonus area included)
the PS1 version on PSN
the Famicom version on the Japanese wii VC
And IOS.

Sun Aug 19, 2012 2:55 pm
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