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Super Puzzle fighter II TURBO (Capcom arcade edition)
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Post Super Puzzle fighter II TURBO (Capcom arcade edition)

Review by Dreamer.

Shockingly, the name of the game is a parody, as this game isn't a sequel of anything! Regardless, it is still a amazing game, even on iphone/ipod touch, will this review make you get it? (Note that the version is part of the capcom arcade collection for Iphone)

The story:
There is not really a huge story, aside from the intermissions, but what this game really is a puzzle game where you pit Street fighter characters (Ryu, Ken, Chun-li and Sakura), and Darkstalkers characters (Morrigan, Donovan, Hsien-ko, Felicia) against each other, along with 3 hidden characters (Which I will discuss later), though 3 difficulties, Easy (3 stages) Normal (8 stages with moderate speed and gem numbers) And hard (8 stages that are very fast and gem speeds are higher) There are two button types, touch screen (Which is easier), or actual buttons (Which are harder), these affect the story and gameplay, which I am going to get on to right now.


The game is simple, anyone can do it! What you do is line up colored gems in squares, which you keep doing until a crash gem (A atom-like gem) breaks it, or a diamond, which breaks all gems of the color you place it on, when this happens, your character will drop a preset amount and color of gem to your opponent, your goal is to fill the opponents screen with gems they do. After beating the first 8 stages, you will face Akuma/Gouki, the final boss.

Character evaluation:

RYU: Counter gem is moderate, for beginners, he sends horizontal lines to the opponent, one color per line.

Ken: Counter gem is moderate, also for beginners, he sends vertical lines to the opponent, one color per line

Chun-li: Counter gem is easy, for Medicore players, she sends squares to the opponents, making her a little easier to beat if a experienced player uses her.

Sakura: Counter gem is hard, for experienced players, sends vertical and horizontal lines to the opponent, making her hard to beat if a ton are sent

Morrigan: Counter gem is moderate, for easy players, sends a mixed combination of gems, along with a square to the opponents, easy to beat if you are a expert playing as her.

Hsien-ko: Counter gem is hard, for all players, sends zigzag gems that are almost hard to break, for everyone, regardless of skill

Donovan: Counter gem is very easy, for medicore players. composed of a mix at the bottom, then a rectangle gem at the top of his counter gem.

Felicia: Counter gem is easy, just a ton of squares like Chun-li. For beginners.


Akuma: Counter gem is Ultra hard, the gems are scrambled all over the place, and you have to use a diamond to stand a chance. For experts.

Devilot (From Cyberbots): Same as akuma, but reversed. For experts.

Dan Hibiki: Counter gem is so easy that it's stupid, all gems are red, and are very easy to break, For daredevils only.

The pros:

Fun game, very addicting to play
Characters are unique, unlike similar games
Facebook connection and twitter (Along with other games on this collection)

The cons:
Kinda slow
Hard mode isn't really as hard as you think

Final score: 9/10

I highly recommend you download the Capcom Arcade app, and then buy the arcade machine for this in the app, you will have tons of fun! (Also on PS1, PS3, PSP, GBA, Xbox LIVE)

Sat Aug 27, 2011 10:40 am
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