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Harvest Moon review
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Post Harvest Moon review
Reviewer: Luna1997

Score: 9.5/10

The Story:

Ah Harvest Moon, my favorite game in the whole world. I have been anticipating for this review. Harvest Moon starts out like this: Your father leaves you land to farm on. Your journey starts in your father's old house, on your father's old farm. Before you get to raising the crops and animals, though, you must meet everybody in town. After that, your adventure begins the next day, after you meet another girl and a puppy that she can't take care of. (Luckily, you don't have to feed it or keep it outside. It will just stay in your house for the remainder of the game.) Harvest Moon was the beginning of all the farming games. Farmville sucks compared to Harvest Moon. (Possibly.)

The Good:

Crops: It is quite easy to make money in Harvest Moon. (Money=G.) Crops are the smart way to start your farm. But just a tip: Before you start growing crops, I would spend maybe ten game days (or less) for tending your cropland. That's what I did. (Sorta.)

Animals: The animals are so much easier to take care of compared to real life. All you do is put feed in their feedbox, take the egg or milk and ship it, and then you're ready to sleep. (Unless you haven't watered your crops, or you want to talk to the villagers.)

Villagers: Befriending the villagers (Who are mostly girls.) is a fun thing to do after the work is done... Not really. But it will help you if you do want to raise a family. The list of marriable women are: Ellen, Eve, Ann, Nina, and Maria. (I memorized it because it's only five names... XD)

Upgrading: After a while, you can upgrade almost everything; your tools, your house, your family... Upgrading your tools will make farmwork much easier, but it will take away energy faster.

The Bad:

Boring Villagers: Talking to the villagers is a boring task. If you aren't the socialable type, don't waste your time trying to marry somebody in the game. Besides, you can continue the game with the smallest house, and without a family, if you want to be a loner.

Energy: Like real life, you need energy to work on your farm. But sadly, the amount of energy the main character has dissapoints me. After a couple of whacks on about 5 logs with your axe, you will probably be down for the rest of the day. And the worst part: You can't recover this energy unless you sleep. Plus, you can't do anything while your energy is that low, unless it's carrying stuff, or pulling and throwing weeds.

Animals: If you forget to feed your animals, they won't die. They just will stop laying eggs or giving you milk for 3 days, which really sucks. If animals are your main money source, DO NOT forget to feed them.

The Final Outcome:

Though Harvest Moon sometimes frustrates me, there are some good parts. And it is a really addicting game if you do not want to become a Farmville slave. But luckily, after 15 years of Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon has made better games, with better graphics, better gameplay, etc. But it's always good to come back to the classics.

Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:05 am
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