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Talk about the Eternal Memories segment, or anything found on the youtube channel! Plus get an early look at upcoming Episode topics.
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Eternal Memories: upcoming episode plans!

Sun Jul 12, 2015 3:45 pm

Here is a list of planned episodes for my Retrospective series, Eternal Memories, which will be uploaded to the Seafoam Gaming youtube channel in the future. These may take a while to make, but I hope you enjoy hearing about my personal memories with certain games, as well as learning some history about them!

Eternal Memories: PMD Part 3: The Sky Squad (Explains my time with Sky, the two PMDII TV specials and the explorers manga, along with the rumors from Japan about a terrible set of PMD games that I heard back then. Little history)

Eternal Memories; PMD Part 4: The Wait for Gates (Explains how Gates is my personal favorite PMD game AND video game, and the aftermath of the wait I spent for it. Explains the history via Iwata Asks.)

Eternal Memories: PMD Part 5: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon (Will be a review/thoughts on the game. If my scheduled review copy arrives this video will follow the embargo and will therefore leave out spoilers and other details that aren't allowed to be shared until after the U.S. Launch if allowed.)
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