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Catrap Review
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Post Catrap Review
Game title: CATRAP for GameBoy

Release date: 1990 (Japan, and North America Only) October 2011 (3DS VC for NA and EU), July 2011 (3DS VC for Japan)

Other names: Pitman,(Japan name) Power Paws (EU name before the game was canceled.)

Publisher: ASKMIK

The introduction:
In this game, you control two characters named Catboy and Catgirl, who must escape from a mansion by solving all 100 puzzles. Being one of the first games with the rewind feature in puzzle games, is it worth it to buy on the 3DS VC or as a cartridge?

The story:

One day, a boy and a girl were out on a picnic, coming home, they noticed a mansion they had never seen before. Entering the mansion, they anger the ghosts, who turn them into cats and banish them to the bottom of the dungeon... Help Catboy and Catgirl escape!

So, now that I have explained the plot and the basic intro to this review, let's get started by talking about gameplay structure. As I said before, there are 100 levels of puzzle solving action, but that is not all of the game! The game has a level editor that saves levels by password. Meaning you can actually trade levels between the original version and the 3DS VC port if you wished to do so!

Second, the levels aren't just block pushing like you would expect from a puzzle game. In this game, you will need to use Catboy or Catgirl in order to bump into monsters, which will clear the room if you remove all of them. But in order to get to them, you will need to remove sand barriers, push rocks, make platforms, or even use the other character to get across (Character swapping is in levels 30-39, 60-69, and 90-100). And it really is a lot of fun! But some of the puzzles are evil in some ways, for example, if you kill a mummy and realize you need it to make a platform, you are going to restart, right?

Nope! Thanks to the rewind feature, you can go back to the exact spot you were at that moment, allowing you to solve the puzzle. There IS a cheat that will let you skip all of the levels (Pause and then hold START and SELECT), but that ruins the fun, and should only be used if you are completely stuck.

As for the Pros:
Level editor has many features, as well as sharing the password for the level over the internet

Password for main story works great, just as much as the 3DS restore point feature!

Fun music, but gets slightly annoying after a while

No lag, even in the final level!

Brilliant puzzle designs

Passwords for story mode are short, if you complete them in order

For the Cons:

Passwords for level editor are too long, but you can write them down or type them if needed.

Rewind feature is a little slow

After beating the game, the level editor may bore you after a while.

5 levels you can store in level editor

So the main conclusion of this: If you like long puzzle games, think the idea of custom levels are cool or just like old Gameboy Games, pick this up. You probably can find it in a store for $1 if you look hard, but just buy it on 3DS to save some time. Especially you, Europeans. It is your first import title on the 3DS VC.

Score: 8.5/10

Tue Mar 20, 2012 6:58 am
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