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Another year has gone by... + Updates & Hiatus
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Post Another year has gone by... + Updates & Hiatus
Hello everyone!

Just me checking back to say thank you for all the support that you guys have given me and the site during 2015. I worked extra hard to improve the quality of my reviews compared to last year, and I even got a domain upgrade to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the site, starting fresh while also improving on reviews. Since then, we've gotten a lot more traffic to the site, with more folks reading the reviews than ever! I get feedback in the form of my youtube and twitter, which has been helpful in allowing me to improve my presence on the web. Speaking of youtube, it was thanks to folks on my twitter for approving my youtube channel, which gave me the motivation to push out some content, and seeing how surprisingly successful my gameplay videos have become, it makes me feel good enough to continue the support into 2016, with more Eternal Memories episodes to come after the PMD retrospective (And an EM Mini coming very soon).

Unfortunately, not all things went over well. For one thing, earlier this fall I went through a period where I had lack of motivation, causing a short delay in reviews. Thankfully I got out of that pretty quickly, but it seems that bad luck struck again this month. For one thing, I tried my hand at submitting articles to the professional news website "N4G", hoping to expand my audience and possibly build up my community. Surprisingly, folks on the site really liked my reviews, taking them to heart and approving them. While it ended up not helping much in the end, the small boost of traffic was still nice and gave me hope, especially with friendly folks from sites like Nintendo Enthusiast to back me up.

Everything seemed to be going great for both the site and me personally until last sunday. I spent a nonstop period of five hours overworking myself on my video, multiple reviews, and an opinion article that I worked hard to make sure was right. I was relieved when I felt comfortable enough to publish them, and I shared them with all the outlets that I felt were necessary, including N4G. Things seemed excellent, with my Pokemon Picross review getting praise from Reddit and twitter, while N4G approved my opinion article and my Pokemon Picross review. That was until I woke up on Monday, receiving a notification on N4G that shocked me. Some moderator report bombed all of my approved articles, instantly removing them from public view. The reason? My site was a forum. Not because of poor editing, not because I needed to improve on them, but instead because of the way my website looked. That completely broke me, having what the community approve of tossed out the window because the site rules are against the appearance of forums (even if they are your own website). I'm the kind of guy who reads rules non stop, over and over, and checking with my friend about this, I was nervous before I joined N4G. Still, upon seeing many other forum reviews get approved with no issues, along with the fact that this site does have a domain name and therefore effort put into it, I gave it a shot.

To suddenly be restricted from the site just because of the appearance of my site was just wrong in so many ways. I love feedback, and if it was for the reasoning that my site's articles weren't well written, I would use that to improve my future articles, like any website owner should have, but alas, it seems that N4G wasn't meant to be. This sudden action really hit me hard, mainly due to the fact that the community seemed to enjoy my content, but one moderator could still completely wreck everything with a reportbomb. I'll make this firm and clear, I have no ill will towards N4G. Despite my anger at the situation, I'm aware that their community manager and administrative staff have to put up with a lot of spam on a daily basis, so in a way I can kinda understand why they are so strict with what they allow. I still stand by the fact that my site's appearance shouldn't matter if the content is of high quality, especially if their own members were OK with my content, but I digress.

So, this is pretty much an announcement letting you all know the current situation, the year in review for the site, and how happy I am that we came this far in 2015. Here's hoping that in 2016 we can expand both the site and the youtube channel more, perhaps with a bigger community on the site itself! Unfortunately, this recent incident really, really damaged my self-confidence, and quite honestly left me in a state of anger and hatred towards myself. It didn't help that other, more personal problems were happening around that time, which didn't go well when combined with the severe hit in self-confidence. Regardless, I hope you guys can understand, especially if I end up not putting out any content for a few weeks. I don't know how long this motivation drain will last, but I'll try and make it stop before the middle of January. Until then, have a happy new year, and thanks again for supporting the site in 2015!

Sat Dec 26, 2015 11:08 pm
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